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Screenings ~ Bulk Delivery

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Transform your paving and landscaping projects with Meadowville Smart Soils™ Bulk Delivery of Screenings. Screenings, composed of fine, crushed stone, are the ideal solution for creating stable and smooth bases for patios, walkways, and driveways. This versatile material compacts well, providing a solid foundation that enhances drainage and prevents shifting. Additionally, screenings are excellent for filling gaps between pavers, offering a neat and finished look to any hardscape design. With Meadowville Smart Soils™, you gain access to premium-quality screenings delivered directly to your project site, ensuring your outdoor spaces are not only beautiful but built to last.

Common Uses of Screenings:

  • Paver Base: Screenings are commonly used as a base layer for pavers, helping to ensure stability and proper drainage for patios, walkways, and driveways.
  • Filling Gaps Between Pavers: The fine texture of screenings makes them perfect for filling the gaps between pavers, securing them in place and preventing weed growth.
  • Pathways: Creating smooth and stable pathways in gardens and outdoor areas often involves using screenings for a compact base that maintains its form.
  • Leveling Ground: Before laying sod or planting, screenings can be used to level the ground, providing a flat and stable surface for various landscaping projects.
  • Drainage Solutions: Due to their compatibility and permeability, screenings are used around drainage areas to facilitate water flow and reduce erosion.

Order Quantity & Pricing:

Our Bulk Delivery items are sold and priced by the cubic yard. An order quantity of '1' will deliver one cubic yard of product. One cubic yard covers approximately 100 square feet at 3 inches of depth.

Single Delivery Fees:

Within Guelph - $65+HST

Rockwood, Fergus, Acton, Erin, Hillsburgh & Elora - $70+HST